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5 things you can only get away with on Instagram

October 20, 2015

Was it invented as an outlet for urges to over-share that go beyond what is socially acceptable on Facebook? I don’t know, but I’m certainly not complaining…

  1. Duvet-day selfies.

Even if you’re not looking for sympathy, unwarranted love from people you haven’t seen since your second year of university doesn’t do any harm.

2. DIY food porn

Advocado, scrambled eggs and oatbran #breakfastofchampions

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I promise it tasted better than it looked! Try it if you don’t believe me…

3. Blatant post-workout boasting

Tough mudder

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And if you’re doing a Tough Mudder for a great charity like Macmillan then why not?

4. Mirror pictures

Because club pictures in half-light never do justice to anyone’s legs, and by the time the photographer comes round you’ll probably be firmly embedded in the making-silly-faces-because-you’re-drunk zone.

5. Legs or hotdogs?


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Actually, maybe there aren’t any excuses for this one…


London’s friendliest dance classes… and the best music to practice to

October 17, 2015

When I was younger and dropping my sister off at ballet lessons teachers would occasionally comment that I looked like I should be dancing too – I was very skinny with extremely pointed feet. I would mumble that I wasn’t really a dancer, and then do something like fall over as I stood up or have to make an L shape with my hand to work out which one was left and which one was right, and they’d realise why. Co-ordination has never been my strong suit, and as a result I’ve been as dance phobic as any boy you’ve ever met. Even after tantruming to be taken to balls I have sat sullenly at the side because I feel embarrassed about dancing, and I usually avoid dance classes at the gym for fear of crashing into someone behind me.

But I make an exception for AJ O’Neill’s amazing dance classes at Kensington Virgin Active. He sticks on a sublime mix of 80s cheese and hits from musicals, chucks in a bit of Latin for good measure, and is so chirpy and positive that even I don’t feel self-conscious skipping around the studio in freestyle interludes. I can’t follow everything he does, and there are some really good dancers in the class, but the atmosphere is so jovial that it doesn’t matter. If you want to try it out, blag yourself a pass to Kensington Virgin Active and I dare you not to enjoy it!

Great zumba class taught by the amazing @sitdownaj

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Having found a dance class I enjoy for fitness, I’ve been on a bit of a mission to find a more technical class to help me unleash my inner cinderella. When I saw Absolute Beginners Ballroom Dancing advertised at Fulham Broadway station I knew I had to give it a try.

The fabulous Thomas Michael Voss‘s philosophy is that if you can walk then you can dance, and he certainly has miles more patience than anyone who has ever tried to teach me before. After brilliantly repetitive lesson I have mastered the waltz box step well enough that I can practice it in my bedroom to Norah Jones’ Come Away With Me and Dolly Parton’s Rockin’ Years – as if I needed an excuse to listen to Dolly!