Tea and Sherry

October 28, 2009

I’d been researching all day and not getting anywhere. When the ceiling began to creak and the resulting sound indicated four O’clock I decided to wander. I made two important discoveries, first coming across some amazing Cherry d’amour tomatoes. Usually I wouldn’t consider that tomatoes from Holland were worth the air miles, but these were soft without being squishy, and sweeter than Pomodorinos (  though the Sainsbury’s variety of those are particularly good at the moment too).

More importantly I found solace in some old books in the porch of a church and a tin asking for 20p each for them.  When you’re homesick, lonely and seriously doubting your intelligence and sense of self, there is something immensly comforting about finding a second hand book that only you can provide a home for.

The first 176 pages and back cover are missing. Nevertheless, the untitled volume was clearly written by a genius of a ‘home planner’. Page 177 begins with the advice: ‘Surplus strong tea can be frozen in ice-cube trays, then each cube wrapped in foil. These cubes are useful for iced tea, since they will not dilute the mixture.’ The author goes on to reveal that the skins of frozen whole tomatoes will slip off easily when the tomatoes are thawed.

The second section of the book contains recipes organised by season, including those for ‘the summer months when outdoor activity is at its peak  and mealtimes may not be regular’. I’m keen to try Chicken Tetrazzinni, which I hadn’t heard of before today. I can’t find any other recipes for the dish which include Sherry  .  .

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