Comfort Food: Soft Boiled Egg and Mushroom Salad

October 16, 2009

The hallowed halls of this prestigious institution are pretty lonely. I can’t believe this time last year getting an interview seemed like the most important thing in the world! I’m doing the best thing one can do to make it feel like home: cooking.

I hadn’t so much as made toast since I got here. It’s strange having to start a kitchen utterly from scratch. Yesterday that meant Sainsbury’s. I had an hour gap between lectures and thought I would utilise my time efficiently. I bought salt, pepper, olive oil, eggs, mushrooms,  bitter leaf salad. I needed diet coke, rice cakes and cranberry juice too, and I knew I wouldn’t get to a fridge for a good two-and-a-half hours, so I had to leave the pancetta. It wasn’t brilliant quality anyway. Despite editing carefully, and leaving Delicious magazine at the till, I turned up at the business school looking like a bag lady.

Supper: Soft Boiled Egg and Mushroom Salad

Before you do anything else, rub 250g closed cup mushrooms with butter, then massage in salt and pepper. Add a drizzle of malt vinegar if you have some ( I didn’t yesterday and it still tasted great). Heat a glug of olive oil in  a heavy based saucepan with a lid. When it’s really hot, pop in the mushrooms, and stir for a bit untill they start to shrink. Turn the heat down, pop the lid on and leave for about 10 minutes.

Put the kettle on.

Try a mushroom. They should be soft and juicy all the way through, and have released lots of water. Turn the heat back up and leave the lid off.

Fill another saucepan with the boiled water. Pierce the wide end of two eggs with a drawing pin. When the water is boiling wildly, drop them in. After about 90 seconds take the pan of the heat. Leave on the side for five minutes.

Put half a bag of mixed bitter salad leaves on a plate. The mushrooms should be dark and sticky; mix them through. Take the eggs out of the pan and peel them, then cut them in half and add to the salad. If you want a dressing, a simple olive oil-lemon vinaigrette works well. I personally find a drizzle of sweet chilli sauce makes an immensely enjoyable addition.

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